Friday, 11 December 2009

Online campaign to bankrupt BNP

There are messages doing the rounds on Twitter suggesting an interesting way to rack up a substantial bill for the British National Party.

The BNP appears to use another name for certain projects- British Heritage- to which people can send correspondence via a freepost address (British Heritage FREEPOST).

According to Royal Mail, for recipients "Freepost NAME replies cost 42p per item, with no handling fee." In other words, every time the BNP receives post addressed to its freepost address, they have to fork out 42p.

The Twitter campaign is calling on all manner of correspondence to be sent to this address.

The question of cross-over between the BNP and 'British Heritage' also raised its head locally this week, as the BNP denied holding a meeting at Larne Football Club. According to the Larne Times, "the event at Larne FC social club on the Station Road was organised by British Heritage, said by the BNP's regional organiser Paul Stevens to be "a group who support the aims of the BNP"."

However, the fact that the BNP's own website states that the above freepost address, complete with the term 'British Heritage', is the party's official route for postal correspondence would seem to contradict this. Is the BNP, on the back of the increased controversy surrounding their success at the European elections, now using the 'British Heritage' term to organise events?


Anonymous said...

The BNP do this all the time. "British Heritage" is ALWAYS the BNP.


and ow they fooled a voluntary group for the blind

Celeste said...

Why would you try to bankrupt a party that can only be significant if it gets enough votes from the people? What is wrong with you? If people don't want any more immigration to Britain then they can speak with their votes. What kind of fascist dictator denies the right of a political party to exist merely because they don't agree with them? You are deranged. And totally out of touch with the British public.

Gary McKeown said...


"What is wrong with you?" and "You are deranged."

Did you actually read my post? I didn't come up with the idea, I'm merely reporting on it. Somewhat over-the-top there, don't you think?

Julian Silverman said...

If only we could bankrupt them so easily.... but I'm afraid there's a lot of millionaires behind these convicted gangsters. Don't forget that Hitler got to office by 'democratic' means (and clever trickery). While deriding 'politicians' (as the BNP do now) he was making secret deals with the most obnoxious politicians, military top brass and criminal/businessmen (just as the BNP are doing right now). The results of his efforts were not only up to 30 million of his intended victims: jews, gypsies, gays, foreigners, socialists, democrats and the people he made war on etc. but 20 million dead Germans - including millions who voted for him. Like the BNP he used arguments which seemed to make sense in a perverted sort of way: the Jews really had a disproportionate number of businessmen, bankers, doctors and educated people for their numbers. In order to be able to compete with rival capitalist econonies, German business really needed to be able to expand at the expense of the stranglehold held by Anglo-Saxon Imperialism and the USSR.