Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lisbon and Cóir: When Parody becomes Reality

Given that much of the publicity material being put out in the south by anti-Lisbon group Cóir is little more than a joke, it was only a metter of time before someone actually did make a joke of it.

Now an eagle-eyed David Cochrane of fame has spotted a mishap by the Evening Herald whereby they ran a parody of a Cóir poster as if it was an actual piece of literature produced by the group.

As David says: "Funny, yes, but also a lesson in that Cóir posters are so easy to parody, it’s difficult to tell which posters belong to them, and which are a piss-take."

However, it does raise a potential issue that there may be many voters don't realise how ridulous Cóir's actual claims are.

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