Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Is Allergy to Wi-Fi Pie in the Sky?

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately, due in part to holidays and my laptop deciding to go on strike.

There’s an interesting article in today’s Sun newspaper about a chap who claims he’s allergic to Wi-Fi. Now I tend to get the sniffles over the summer due to hayfever, but I must admit that I’m not aware of any adverse effects from wireless internet. And thankfully so, as I’d guess there isn’t a build-up area anywhere in Northern Ireland that isn’t within some sort of electromagneticwaveshot of a wi-fi hub.

The Sun claims that two percent of the population is allergic to Wi-Fi, although I’m not quite sure how they came to this figure when it doesn’t seem that the existence of such an ailment has even been established.

Supposing of course such a problem with Wi-Fi was actually proven, I can only guess at the drama it would cause. We’d have people protesting outside about half the homes in the UK calling for the Wi-Fi ‘masts’ inside to be taken down. Forget about mobile phone masts! Given the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, it would also cause a massive headache (pun intended) for just about every business and government office with Wi-Fi facilities, as they could find themselves under threat from lawsuits for breaching health and safety.

Let’s hope that Wi-Fi gets a clean bill of health or it’ll be back to those pesky cables plugging your computer into a socket.