Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Twitter Prayer

The Catholic Church has decided to get a piece of the new media action according to the BBC, with Cardinal Seán Brady telling a congregation in Mayo on Sunday: "Make someone the gift of a prayer through text, twitter or e-mail every day."

He also seems to get a sense of what Facebook is all about, adding that people should consider setting up prayer groups using modern communications.

However, in a somewhat more bizarre turn, Cardinal Brady, who was speaking at a centenary celebration of the life of Fr Patrick Peyton, said that 'the Rosary priest' as Fr Peyton was known had "a great gift" for communication and would have been "big into texting and Twitter" if that had been available in his time. Hmm, a bit Father Ted-esque. Nonetheless, it's good to see the Church look at alternatives to reach out to people.

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