Friday, 1 May 2009

North South Makes Sense for Dundalk Chamber of Commerce

I had to laugh when I read about a fine example of some cross-border trade in the latest edition of the Dundalk Argus.

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce distributed a 'Dundalk Fighting Back' leaflet to homes and businesses in the town over Easter, featuring offers from local shops and businesses.

However, despite obtaining quotes from two companies south of the border for printing the fliers, they decided to plump for a northern firm to do the work after their quote came in cheaper! It seems the hordes of shoppers who cram the streets of Newry every weekend are not the only ones who are coming north to get a bargain.

The Argus reports that Dundalk Chamber CEO Bill Tosh said: “The Easter flier attempted to selectively platform best-value items available in Dundalk, to address the myth that everything north of the border was cheaper,” and says that he argued that the leaflet did not invite Dundalk shoppers to only shop locally, but simply pointed out instances where they could get good value in the town.

I’m guessing no Dundalk-based printing companies were not featured on the leaflet…

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