Friday, 27 March 2009

Jade Goody- The Nation's Brightest Star?

Now I feel as sorry as the next person for poor old Jade Goody. The death of anyone so young, especially with two young children, is by any measure a personal tragedy. But it seems the British media have lost the run of themselves over her expiry.

On the back of forking out £700,000 to chart the crater's wedding and publishing an obituary edition before she actually died, the strapline of the latest edition of 'OK!' magazine (a breach of the Sale of Goods Act if ever there was one) reads 'A NATION MOURNS THE LOSS OF ITS BRIGHTEST STAR'.

I'm sorry to quote the title of a rival magazine, but 'Hello'?! What the blazes are they on about?!

Jade Goody was Public Enemy Number One after her performance on Celebrity Big Brother, yet she contracts a terrible illness and all of a sudden she's Britain's "brightest star".

God help Britain.

In what way do they quantify stardom? If you're looking for a star who died of cancer, then I'd prefer to throw my weight behind Jane Tomlinson. She contracted the disease when she was 26, and although she lived for quite a few years afterwards, in the meantime she dedicated her life to running marathons to raise money for charity. Like Jade Goody, she had a young child. Now for me, that's a real star. Did she get on the front page of 'OK!'? I'm guessing not.

People are more than entitled to mourn the sad loss of Jade Goody. But let's get things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I feel very sorry that a young mother has lost her life - and hopefully her public illness will help save more lives - but I thimk the media need to get a proper perspective on the 'Jane Goody hysteria' she was famous for nothing of note and this is a sad reflection on today's society that fame is the thing to strive for instead of something that can contribute to the wellbeing to the good of all such as cures for illness etc

Truth and justice said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

I saw the news today and the reports of Jane Goody's funeral - it is sad that a person died so young -but things must be put into perspective - this girl was not a hero in her lifetime - she did not contribute very much to society - but maybe in death she may show that everything must not be in excess or you pay the price -