Friday, 20 March 2009

Google Street View Hits Belfast

The fascinating Google Street View was unveiled for the streets of Belfast yesterday. It is startling in its detail- the technology which Google has deployed to enable a snapshot in time across many of the world's cities is quite amazing.

The Telegraph has an article with some amusing pics captured across the UK including one of the side of Sinn Féin's offices on the Falls Road which appears to show Bobby Sands' face blurred-out (surely not a digital throw-back to the days of TV censorship!) The actual shot on Google Street View (listed as 84 Falls Road) now comes up as 'no longer available' even though all other shots in the vicinity are fine, so perhaps Google is addressing a gliche in its system. Indeed, it auto-erasure of number plates also led to the deletion of details on an anti-war placard in London. However, given the quality of the service, I'm sure we'll forgive them for a few mishaps.

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free speech said...

Maybe SF requested this blank out as they fear reprisal from dissidents whomthey have labelled 'traitors,