Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Did John McCain not get the memo about Tony Blair?

While US President Barack Obama was busy meeting the actual British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, ex-presidential candidate Senator John McCain hooked up with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

However, if his tweets are anything to go by, McCain doesn't seem to have realised that Tony Blair left office quite some time ago- an update on his Twitter profile today read:

meeting with PM Tony Blair
Now I know that in America it's not uncommon to continue to append the title 'President' to the name of former occupants of the White House, but that's not the case in the UK.

Was it another bit of McCain absentmindedness? Was it a snub to Brown? Or was it just McCain thinking that Tony Blair ought to still have the title 'PM' before his name despite having vacated 10 Downing Street? Who knows...


BlairSupporter said...

Americans often do this. It's transferred thinking from how they continue to address their former presidents - once a president, always a president.

So it could have been quite innocent. Or it could be wishful thinking. Blair's their hero still, and rightly so.

On the other hand I did hear a radio report yesterday where Americans were shown a picture of Gordon Brown. None of them seemed to know who he was.

So, you never know, maybe Mr McCain hasn't heard yet either.

Come to think of it, he's not the only one.

I seem to be suffering from that odd condition. And I'm British!


Anonymous said...

I think wthe world can rest easy that McCain didn't win along with that woman who was his running mate - now what was her name again?