Friday, 27 February 2009

'Ulster Conservatives and Unionists- New Force'

The BBC is reporting that the Ulster Unionist Party and the Tories will be running on a joint ticket in June's European elections under the moniker 'Ulster Conservatives and Unionists- New Force'.

I'm guessing that they haven't noticed, but another organisation shares the acronym UCU- the University and College Union- a trade union which will have had dealings with UUP leader Reg Empey in his role as Employment and Learning Minister.

I know some have suggested that the Conservatives have moved to the left since David Cameron became leader, but I assume that adopting a name similar to that of a trade union is just a coincidence...

Nonetheless, the combined 'New Force' will be hoping to retain Jim Nicholson's seat in Brussels in June. UUP leader Reg Empey said: "This is something entirely new in NI, something which would allow us to become more fully and demonstrably an equal partner within the UK family. The UUP believes that the Union is a two-way process and we believe that a pan-UK unionist vehicle is the best way of promoting the values of the Union."

I'm intrigued to see what effect this new union has on the UUP's fortunes, particularly in the medium- to long-term.

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speak the truth said...

Apart from not checking that they have the same initials as the UCU lecturers union - it is a crazy move - UUP supporters beware!