Monday, 2 February 2009

Jamie Bell to play Tintin

I hadn't actually spotted this, but according to ck over at The Dossing Times (a site I used to read all the time about three years ago but forgot about for some reason) old friend of Northern Notes and apparent hero of Ed Davitt, Jamie Bell, is to play Tintin in new live action films about the adventures of the famous Belgian reporter.

The Daily Telegraph records:

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, which is due to be the first in a 3-D trilogy. Daniel Craig will play Red Rackham. Last year, I disclosed that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had been cast by Steven Spielberg as the identical twins Thomson and Thompson, the incompetent detectives who can only be told apart from their moustaches, despite the actors' physical incongruity.

As a major fan of Tintin, I'll be watching this closely. Spielberg's involvement is probably good news, but there's a very high risk that the quality of the original books and indeed many of the cartoon versions will be lost. The involvement of 3-D sounds strange, and will hopefully not detract from the quality of the motion picture.

The fact that Daniel Craig is to portray Captain Haddock's ancestor may create an unwelcome effect on young Bell, who has previously displayed bizarre behaviour at the very mention of the Bond actor's name, but hopefully he'll be able to hold it together to do justice to Hergé's masterpieces.


eddiepops said...

Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig? I'd best try get tickets fro the premiere now. Love Tintin anyway, even with it's occasional racism :)

tintin fan said...

I think the cartooon is the best! long live TinTin