Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Dancing Eyebrows Advertisement- Watch this go viral!

I spotted the hilarious new Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad on TV there which features children engaging in bizarre facial movements at a photographer's. The ad debuted last Friday on Channel 4 after Celebrity Big Brother.

Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury's said:

"Eyebrows marks our third original production following Gorilla and Airport Trucks and we're confident it will prove just as popular and raise as many smiles- but lots more eyebrows.

"Over at A Glass and a Half Full Productions we noticed the wriggly potential of eyebrows and thought we would have a bit of fun with them. Like the other productions, Eyebrows is all about losing yourself and embracing that moment of joy -except in this case there's a healthy dose of mischief mixed in too. After all, everybody remembers pulling a silly face or getting up to no good as a child when backs were turned."

He might say it's about "about losing yourself and embracing that moment of joy" but I'd say it's more about capitalising on the power of the internet. Currently the ad has 55,036 views on YouTube, but watch as the effectiveness of the vast sums of money the company has no doubt forked out on TV commercial space is outpaced by its popularity on the net. In a week's time, the number of views on YouTube will have snowballed.

The advent of new media channels such as blogs, Facebook and YouTube has meant that clever and innovative video clips can spread at an exponential pace across the net as people share them via social networking platforms. After the initial outlay on making such clips (which can often cost next to nothing) entertaining videos often take on a life of their own, creating excellent returns for the companies or individuals involved.

However, for businesses to benefit from these new opportunities, it's not good enough just to throw together a standard TV ad- there's no reason for to anyone spread that around the net without getting paid. The clip has to have an intrinsic entertainment value of its own to motivate people to freely recommend it to their friends. The fact that branding such as 'Cadbury's' is stuck on it provides the benefit for the creator.

As consumers increasingly gather their information and communicate via the web, there is an amazing opportunity for companies who are smart and creative enough to produce advertisements that create a buzz and engage the support of ordinary web users at virtually zero cost. The added fact that the distribution of these ads is not paid for, but is done purely on a voluntary basis by social network users, adds extra credibility to the clips and increases the likelihood that they'll be watched by those who happen upon them.

Nice one Cadbury's.

PS The company's called 'Cadbury' now, but like Marathon and Opal Fruits, I don't agree with pointless rebranding and hence refuse to recognise such folly.


Anonymous said...

Despite all the eyebrow raising antics it woudn't make me buy the chocolate - it a bit like the 70's coke ad 'I like to teach the world to sing' which had a cult following and I still didn't buy coke - but make I am the odd one out!

another anon said...

Mind you it shows the power of modern communiction and i suppose some of it sinks into the brain