Friday, 23 January 2009

37th SDLP Conference

This evening sees the start of the 37th SDLP Conference in Armagh. The three-day event has been accompanied by a new party political broadcast which is now available on YouTube.

Meanwhile, some people appear to think that the party has dropped ideas of merging with Fianna Fáil in favour of joining with the Ulster Unionists, with this political information site referring to the SDLP as the 'Social Democratic & Unionist Party of Northern Ireland'.


Anonymous said...

Have just returned from the conference in Armagh - the atmosphere was very upbeat - very good fringe events as well including the Youth fringe - the SDLP is still the SDLP and at the conference no one is talking mergers with anyone - these sorts of things will happen as a united Ireland draws closer but for now the economics nor policies of many of the southern parties are in line with the social democratic idealogies of the SDLP - in fact there is still a big chasm etc

truth be told said...

I don't know what some peopkle see in the F party - they are not compatible with policies of the SDLP