Wednesday, 19 November 2008

That Word 'Historic' Raises Its Head Again

The other week I said the word 'history' usually forms part of a cliché when used to describe events.

It seems Shaun Woodward doesn't read Northern Notes.

The Northern Ireland Secretary described the DUP and Sinn Féin's decision to sit down together after a five-month hiatus since, erm, they last did it, as "historic".

As a pal on Facebook said: "[I'm] amused that Mr.Woodward believes the decision to hold Executive meetings is 'historic'. Exactly how many historic breakthroughs is it possible for NI to have?"


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Barry W Magee said...

Its soo true. Its a tad climaxical, if thats a word, and totally cliched. Its all phoney hype. Its not as though we are in Israel or somewhere like that and Hamas have just disbanded!! Now that scenario would justify the being labelled 'historical'. Seriously though this phoney euphoria and 'hand of history' stuff just turns people right off. Because of this whole mess people on the street think Stormont has become a joke. Public confidence has collapsed. And what for? How could the decision to hold executive meetings be labelled 'historic'? They should be having regular meetings with no preconditions. Surely that is not too much too ask :D So what exactly has been agreed anyway? Beats me. Still no date for devolution of policing and justice and so this whole SF exercise seems rather pointless. No Executive for 5 months and for what? The exact same scenario as before. I'm just glad things are up and running but this is a total disgrace as nothing major has been resolved and those issues continue to be outstanding, Rather pointless wouldnt you agree? All this historical agreement stuff is demeaning and further serves to undermine the only true historical agreement- the Good Friday Agreement! End of.