Friday, 7 November 2008

A Question of Life and Death

Earlier in the week I suggested that Fianna Fáil might be on a purposeful crusade of ineptitude with a view to losing enough seats in the next election for Fine Gael to seize power.

The plot thickens.

Now the southern government has announced that in order to save money it is scrapping plans to roll-out the HPV vaccine to schoolgirls. The programme would have cost less than €10 million annually, a drop in the ocean in terms of government expenditure.

How can they possibly justify this? Here we have a simple jab that can prevent young people dying. Yet now, for the sake of a few quid, the government is willing to risk these people's lives. This is a shockingly callous and unnecessary move that targets yet again the most vulnerable in society. And when you take into account those people whom the southern 'health service' will have to treat when they contract cancer thanks to not having been given this vaccine, will the government really save that much? That's if they bother treating them of course.

After the drama of the budget, is it really conceivable that the southern government would make another faux-pas so soon and still actually want to hold on to power? Something doesn't add up.

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