Thursday, 20 November 2008

Important Assembly Business: Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor

With conspiracy theories doing the rounds over John Sergeant's sudden departure from Strictly Come Dancing (I'm afraid I can't be counted as a fan of the show myself), as the BBC show and its rival on ITV, The X Factor, reach their respective climaxes, the following question has appeared in the Assembly list for answer:

"Questions to the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure

1. Mr Shannon (Strangford):

To ask the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure if his Department would issue a statement to support and vote for Christine Bleakley in Strictly Come Dancing and Eoghan Quigg in X Factor."

I'm sure everyone would support said individuals, but with the recent scandal over BBC and ITV phone-ins, the Minister may stop short of encouraging people to vote in these shows.

That said, it seems that Sinn Féin already beat Jim to it when it comes to getting involved in this TV talent show phenomenon...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SF and the DUP certainly should take an award for the 'Lanniagan's Ball Stictly Come Dancing Competition' - 'I stepped in and I stepped out again'

How long will it be before there is another 'sham fight' - to keep the voters interested - time the voters caugh on to this posturing