Monday, 24 November 2008

Community Shock

There was a palpable sense of shock in Newry in Mourne yesterday as news came through of the deaths of four young police officers on the road between Warrenpoint and Rostrevor. Indeed, I've just got word that the council has cancelled its meeting tonight as a mark of respect.

Policing by its very nature is a dangerous job, but not since the Troubles has a police force in the north sustained this level of death in one incident. The circumstances of the accident and the possibility that the armour, which was aimed at protecting those inside, may have made the situation worse just makes it even more tragic.

One thing that has come across to me is the sense that people from all sections of the community feel this loss personally, which gives some sense of how young officers like this are building a new police service for everyone.

My thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives yesterday.

Rest in Peace.


Anonymous said...

An awful tragedy, my thoughts are with the families of those poor men

Anonymous said...

My I add my voice - the positive thing , if that is any consolation,is how the whole community has rallied to give its support - maybe there is hope for us afer all - may they rest in peace