Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Alban's Moustache- Death By A Thousand Cuts

Earlier in the week I blogged about my suggestion that Alban Maginness should lose the 'tache for Children in Need. I can now confirm that the date with the man with the blade has been set. By the power of Facebook, via internet trendsetter Alasdair McDonnell, I got word that the North Belfast MLA's much-loved lip-dressing is for the chop tomorrow. There will be no reprieve. There is no right to appeal. The remains will be laid to rest in the barber's bin.

Rest in Peace.

Update: Photographic evidence has now been received of the moustache being decommissioned:


moving on said...

Glad to see the dead mouse on his lip gone -much better!

Anonymous said...

will Alban get a makeover just like Bairbre appeared to have done at the last Euro election? -